"I have found that the course (Oral Communication) has significantly improved my communication skills and had a great impact on my professional life."

Wei, Biostatistician


"Through Classes, I greatly improved my skills in pronunciation, comprehension, grammar, writing and so on. I became much more confident in my English."

Yuting, Research Scientist


"This course encompasses important skills of spoken English which can be used in my daily communication with colleagues. It is amazing. I feel that this course has changed my life!"

Di, Software Engineer


"For a person whose original language is not English, one of the first steps to improve his or her English is to understand linear English logic and English rhetoric. In this English class, I have been learning not only how to follow the logic, but also how to properly use sentences, tenses, prepositions and so on."

Qiuming, Principal Research Associate


"This ESL class is wonderful for anyone who speaks English as a second language."

Xingxian, Quality Control


"I found the English class I am taking is not only fun to take; it also helps my English in every aspect. Thanks to my teacher for making this class so much fun."

Sue, Programmer


"Taking this class helps me to understand and communicate better with my coworkers and to perform better on my job."

Cleiton, Department of Cooperative Medicine


"Taking an English as a Second Language class helps me to understand other people and coworkers easily. I improved my English grammar, vocabulary, idioms, and pronunciation. I feel more comfortable talking with and understanding my coworkers. I can now do a better job at Genzyme."

Nancy, Biotechnician


"The writing class really has helped me a lot both in my monthly reports at work and in my daily life. It has improved my writing skills as well as my pronunciation; furthermore, the class has broadened my vocabulary and punctuation in English writing. I highly recommend taking this class to anyone for whom English is a second language."

I-Huan, Senior Research Associate


"My son's teacher told me that he had made a dramatic turn in class. He was speaking out and showing confidence. The teacher asked me if we had done something differently. I told them about Dunbar."

Sean, Father of 6th Grader