Strategic Meeting Language

Business meetings conducted in the workplace follow different rules than regular discussions. This course will equip students with the words and the will to speak up and be heard. Students learn key softening techniques as well as power phrases best-suited for making clear, impactful points. Weekly meeting scenarios allow ample practice time to develop comfort and confidence.

Elevated Presentation Skills

This course will help improve student ability to develop and deliver professional presentations. All steps of the process will be addressed, from refining the topic through the organization, editing and delivery, to taking questions. Each student will also be provided with a video log illustrating her/his progress.

Effective Writing Techniques

Whether it is an email, an SOP or a formal submission, workplace writing is becoming more crucial every day. Organizing, phrasing and editing techniques are the foundation of the courses. We also focus on business etiquette, as well as style, enabling students to produce concisely-written pieces that are appropriate to both the situation and the form of writing.  

Oral Communication

Tailored closely to specific employee needs, this course is designed to empower employees with the language skills to enrich workplace relationships whether in topical discussions or casual small talk. Students will learn and integrate vocabulary, grammar, idiomatic speech and cultural references.

American Pronunciation

Pronunciation is the most obvious obstacle to fluency, and we evaluate each student individually. Beginning with clearly identified problematic sounds, we target and systematically reduce these in order to speak more effectively and to be better understood in both professional settings. The course emphasizes American English rhythm, stress and intonation patterns, as well as individual vowel and consonant sounds. Students exit the class with better understanding not only of what the trouble spots are but also of how to self-correct them.


Our tutors are available for both children and adults. In addition to the courses above, we also offer individual instruction in Creative Writing, Writing for College Admissions, Grammar and S.A.T. Prep. All classes are custom-designed courses for individual needs. Information available upon request.

Storytelling and Presentation (K-12)

Storytelling is an art, and our lessons target the skills necessary to spin a good yarn: voice, pace, intonation, creative vocabulary and use of figurative language. We also demonstrate and help students craft effective body language. These skills also translate directly as we practice dynamic presentation methods. Students will build skill and confidence to speak in any situation.

Skype / Video Messaging

All of the above offerings are also available via Skype or other remote learning options.