Dunbar Language School offers English as a Second Language instruction for adult professionals. We specialize in the unique needs and interests of the business and technical community. Personalized is the key word for Dunbar Language School. Our director personally matches each student to the teacher best equipped to meet his or her needs, thus assuring each student an individually designed program to cater to workplace-specific needs.

We offer small classes and individual instruction. For group instruction, care is given to attain both compatible group learning goals and individualized attention within the group setting.

Lessons center around meaningful language used in real life situations. Every effort is made to choose materials that are pertinent to each student's needs and goals. To accomplish this, we supplement textbooks with contemporary sources such as web and print articles, as well as relevant video and audio recordings.

Student progress is monitored and assessed to determine how effectively their needs are being met and whether or not they have achieved their preset goals.



Demonstrating the same values as with our Adult Professional program, we tailor our K-12 ESL lessons to the very specific needs of our primary and secondary aged students. We offer both group and one-on-one instruction.

Specializing in College Transition, Debate, Storytelling, Presentation, Writing for Purpose or Pronunciation, our instructors assess student ability, customize lessons and monitor student progress to achieve success.

Best of all, Dunbar comes to YOU! We travel to a convenient location for our students, be it a library, business, school or home.


Mailing Address

57 Fuller Street
Waltham, MA 02453

Monday-Friday 8am - 7pm